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What is Job Tracker?
Job Tracker is an Excel spreadsheet specifically designed for logging the work you do for various individuals/agencies. It enables you to keep track of the work you have done and to calculate your over all earnings over the course of a given tax year. You can view your earnings from a particular client or job type as well as being able to see the current status of the job.

How much is Job Tracker?
Job Tracker is completely free. The spreadsheet is locked so it cannot be edited, but there is a grey section on each sheet for you to add your own formulas to personalise the spreadsheet to your needs.

Where can you download Job Tracker?
You can download the spreadsheet by clicking on the following link: Job Tracker

How do you use Job Tracker?
Job Tracker is really simple to use. Download it from the link above and click on the "Data" sheet (this can be found on the far right at the bottom). Enter your clients' names and the types of jobs you offer (sworn translation, technical translation, editing, proofreading etc.) and then you are ready to start filling in the information on the sheets corresponding to each month of the year.

To change the tax year displayed next to the month on each sheet, simply click on "Home" and change the year at the top of the page. This will automatically update each sheet.

Do you have a comment, complaint or a compliment?
In the interest of improving the spreadsheet to make it more user friendly and to really answer to your needs, I would be delighted to hear your comments, complaints or compliments. Please direct such messages to

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